Types of Fencing

Type of fence is not the key factor while buying a home but it is definitely important from the security point of view. Along with security, fencing is also important for privacy. Privacy and security are really important parts for a home. A professionally done fencing give a good feeling of security and every person desire a home with such secured fencing. Before you decide to choose any fencing for your home, you must evaluate the types of fencing and choose the one which is most suitable.

  • Aluminum fencing

Aluminum fenceAluminum fencing is considered to be the one of the most basic type of fencing. Being basic also it is very attractive. Aluminum fencing does not provide much of the security to your home which much of the homeowners want to have in their house. There is no trouble of maintenance in case of aluminum fencing. The only maintenance you need to do is at the time of installation when you are painting and decorating it. However it is not much advisable specifically if you are living in an area with severe weather conditions then aluminum fencing is not at all recommended.

  • Wood fencing

Wood fenceOne of the most popular types of fencing is wood. It is one of the most attractive kinds of fencing in today’s time. It gives a sense of privacy with the long heighted fencing. Wood fencing gives the homeowner a warm and welcoming feeling. But as it is so good and reliable it also has such big cost. The height and size of the fencing will affect its price. More the height of the fencing more will be the price of it. Longer and higher fencing will take more time for installation. The durability of the wood fencing is very good it will last for the whole life of your home. But it also depends upon the type of wood you choose.

  • PVC fencing

PVC fenceIf your budget is not allowing you an expensive fencing then you must prefer a fence for your yard which is made up of PVC. PVC fencing is a good replacement for wood fencing although it doesn’t give that much good look but still it is will fulfill your need. The down part will be of wood and the upper part will be of PVC this will cut down some of the wood as well the cost. PVC fencing comes in different heights and colors so that you can the desired one.

  • Vinyl fencing

Vinyl fenceKeeping the cost factor aside, vinyl fencing is one of the best types of fencing. According to the professionals and experts, vinyl fencing is four to five times stronger than other types of fencing. Along with being strong it is also flexible. Vinyl fencing also has another and that is it is maintenance free. It can also resist paint and thus you can remove the unwanted stains from your fencing by painting them. It can keep it clean and new. You can also do regular cleaning with the hose and soap to keep your fencing away from dirt clotting.