Pros And Cons Of Buying A Modular Home

Modular homesIf you are a new home buyer then you would probably be having lots of questions and confusions in your mind regarding the concept of modular homes. You might have so many confusions like is modular homes more costly? Does it take more time to build? Will it be long lasting? There is nothing new in this all the homebuyers who are new to the concept have such questions as they are in confused state of mind regarding buying a modular home. If you are thinking of buying a modular home, you must know the fact that modular homes are same as that of the traditional on site built home apart from the fact that modular homes are built in the factory. If you are in the process of buying a modular home then you must know the actual process. The parts of the modular homes is constructed in the factory according to the design selected in assembly line and then these parts are transferred to the actual site and they are assembled there on the site. If you are confused regarding the quality of modular homes while buying a modular home, then you must know that it is just same as that of traditional homes. Here are some of the pros and cons of buying a modular home which might help you in decision of buying a modular home.


  • Affordable

As compared to the traditional homes, modular homes are more affordable and the fact behind this thing is that the whole process of construction is completed in the factory. All the work is done in a controlled manner and climate and the chances of costly interruptions are very few. On a contrary in case of traditional homes, the work is interrupted due to poor weather or even delay in supplies of materials.

  • Fast

If you are buying a modular home then you are in benefit as the construction of such homes are very faster as they are built in the factory itself. Thus it takes far less to complete as compared to traditional homes. Once all the parts are built in the factory, the assembling process on the site is also done very quickly.

  • Variety

While buying a modular home, if you are thinking that you are short of variety and you will just have four walls to be assembled on the site then you are totally wrong. You are availed with plenty of varieties just as you have in case of traditional homes.


  • Wait time

You can’t move into your modular home even if t is constructed until and unless it is assembled which is not in the case of traditional as soon as the construction is done you can move in there. However the time of modular home is far less than a traditional home.

  • Initial money

While buying a modular home, you are under the obligation to pay the full amount of home to builder even before it is build which can be a big drawback while buying a modular home.