Must Have Living Room Accessories

Accessorizing your living roomWhen you are redecorating, it is an expensive project and when you are on tight budget redecorating g whole house can be quite expensive. Hence if your budget allows you to improvise only one room then it must be living room. Living room is the one which represents your whole house and there are some must have accessories which must be incorporated in your living room to make it more beautiful. There are many types of living room accessories which enrich the look of your home and upgrade it to the next level. But you need to be careful while living room accessories as some goes very well while some can totally ruin whole look. Thus go for those living room accessories which complement your living room. Which living room accessories to opt and which not to opt totally depends upon your choice, your taste and your living rooms style of course. Here are some of the must have living room accessories which make your living room beautiful and fill your space.

  • A coffee table

Yes of course coffee table is not the most important element in your living room but it is very important living room accessory. Coffee table is one of such living room accessories which bring all other piece of furniture together and thus it is very important. A coffee table makes the living room feel complete. Coffee table serves many other purposes like putting magazines or those bills which are to be paid and many such things and thus it is one of the must have living room accessories.

  • Bold drapes

Drapes and curtains are such living room accessories which add character to your living room. It is one of such living room accessories which can add bold colors and patterns in decent and elegant manner.  Choose an eye catching and vibrant drape or curtain for your living room as it will look great and enhance the beauty of your living room. If you opt for a simple window dressing then it will disappear in the background. Bold drapes and curtains are also important from the privacy point of view.

  • Candles

Even if there is no plan of yours for a romantic evening then also candle is a good living room accessory. Candles can make your living room more cozy, intimate and inviting. You can keep this candles anywhere like your coffee table or your side table. Candles add a different charm to your living room.

  • Comfy cushions

Cushions are the most attractive and one of the must have living room accessories. Cushions must always be funky and bubbly and full of cheerful colors. If you have whole of living room very sober and decent then adding cushions of funky and vibrant colors can be the best alternative for you to spice up your living room. With a comfortable sofa, there is a great need of comfy cushions to lay back and relax and watch TV in your living room.

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Modular Home

Modular homesIf you are a new home buyer then you would probably be having lots of questions and confusions in your mind regarding the concept of modular homes. You might have so many confusions like is modular homes more costly? Does it take more time to build? Will it be long lasting? There is nothing new in this all the homebuyers who are new to the concept have such questions as they are in confused state of mind regarding buying a modular home. If you are thinking of buying a modular home, you must know the fact that modular homes are same as that of the traditional on site built home apart from the fact that modular homes are built in the factory. If you are in the process of buying a modular home then you must know the actual process. The parts of the modular homes is constructed in the factory according to the design selected in assembly line and then these parts are transferred to the actual site and they are assembled there on the site. If you are confused regarding the quality of modular homes while buying a modular home, then you must know that it is just same as that of traditional homes. Here are some of the pros and cons of buying a modular home which might help you in decision of buying a modular home.


  • Affordable

As compared to the traditional homes, modular homes are more affordable and the fact behind this thing is that the whole process of construction is completed in the factory. All the work is done in a controlled manner and climate and the chances of costly interruptions are very few. On a contrary in case of traditional homes, the work is interrupted due to poor weather or even delay in supplies of materials.

  • Fast

If you are buying a modular home then you are in benefit as the construction of such homes are very faster as they are built in the factory itself. Thus it takes far less to complete as compared to traditional homes. Once all the parts are built in the factory, the assembling process on the site is also done very quickly.

  • Variety

While buying a modular home, if you are thinking that you are short of variety and you will just have four walls to be assembled on the site then you are totally wrong. You are availed with plenty of varieties just as you have in case of traditional homes.


  • Wait time

You can’t move into your modular home even if t is constructed until and unless it is assembled which is not in the case of traditional as soon as the construction is done you can move in there. However the time of modular home is far less than a traditional home.

  • Initial money

While buying a modular home, you are under the obligation to pay the full amount of home to builder even before it is build which can be a big drawback while buying a modular home.

Reasonable Ideas For Decorating Your Kitchen

Kitchen decorDo you like to see the images of kitchen décor options and dream of having such things to be installed in your kitchen also? Do you have lots of ideas and options for decorating your kitchen but don’t have enough time or money to incorporate them? You are not the only one there are many people hunting for cheap and easily doable ideas for decorating your kitchen. Here are some of the easy and quick tips for decorating your kitchen and the best part of these tips for decorating your kitchen is that they can easily mix and match and give beautiful impact. You can use or one or many tips of decorating your kitchen together and it will be overwhelming. The major changes which we can observe in any kind of place is the wall but while decorating your kitchen you will pay focus on appliances, gadgets, countertops and such other things and you will not pay focus at all on the wall which can play a major part in decorating your kitchen. Here are some of the things you can do to your wall and you will get the best results while decorating your kitchen.

  • Color

Color is considered as one of the quickest way of decorating your kitchen but great colorful kitchen don’t just happens by accident. There is a three color palette secret which can transform your kitchen and make it appealing. If you have a kitchen whose existing color can’t be changed then you can try decorating your counter top and cabinets with the same color and this will change the look of your kitchen. Choose a neutral color and paint it on the new wall and which would complement the backdrop color of the kitchen, it will give a great effect to your kitchen. The third color to be applied should be on the accessories like flower vase or stools and it should be bold to give an attractive look to your kitchen.

  • Keep a focal point

When you don’t have a totally attractive kitchen then you can try picking a spot and making it focal point of your kitchen by which visitors eyes would be diverted there as they enter and it will hide all other faults of your kitchen. This is really smart way of decorating your kitchen. Focal points usually jump out to the eyes of the visitors and make your kitchen look so innovative.

  • Add trending décor in kitchen

While decorating your kitchen if you have decorated it with cool colors and given a focal point of interest to your kitchen then adding t6rending décor would be perfect thing to do. You can install open shelves and put decorative items in those shelves. You can install floating shelves as they are available in many styles and they are also very much easy to install. Try open cabinets and paint the back of the cabinets with cool colors and this is also a great way to decorate your kitchen.


Painting Your Own House

PaintingOwning a house and taking good care f it and maintaining it in a proper manner is not an easy job. It is touch and expensive job. If you are a smart home owner then you should make your own ways to cut down on your expenses and economize your expenses. In many of the cases home owners do not prefer do it yourself job as they have proper knowledge and expertise to deal with every project of home issues. It can be considered dangerous. But when comes to painting, it is not really a dangerous project. Painting is such a work which any home owner can undertake without much of the trouble. But till before starting up with the painting work yourself, you must consider its pros and cons.

  • Time

Painting is such a work which is time consuming. You need to invest a good amount of time doing this painting work that too when you need to do full house painting. If you hire a professional painting team than the job can be done much faster and better as compared with the do it yourself job. In general painting a house needs 40 to 80 hours. It can take even more time if the size of the house you are going to paint is large. If there is a professional painter then he works for eight hours in a day for the whole week. While if you are doing it yourself then you are busy in these hours and you cannot work this much during week. You can work in the weekends and after the work in night. If not in this time you need to work during your vacation and finish your home painting. So before jumping into it you must have your mindset of sacrificing your free time for saving up your money.

  • Quality

You might be good at painting but still it is difficult to match up with the quality of the professional. No matter how good you are but still there will be a difference in the end result of your painted house. The result will always be less than your desired one. Painting will not hide the flaws of your house it will highlight those flaws.

  • Time and labor intensive

Painting your house is more than what you think and expect. It involves many steps.

  • Scrapping the old paint off
  • Repairing those areas which are damaged
  • Apply primer coat
  • Applying coat of paint twice

Paint is applied to many of the parts of the house like ceiling, windows, doors, walls and trim. Painting the whole house is a physically challenging task. It involves moving the furniture, climbing the ladder up and down, cleaning rollers and brushes, holding the paint brush for hours and much such other tiring work. If you do this work after completing your daily work then doing it can be more tiring and tough. The final result is that you didn’t have that energy which gives you the enchanting result.


Tips for Choosing Right Roofing Contractor

Roofing contractorChoosing a roofer is challenging task and that too when you are new in this field. You might not be aware of what you need to see in a roofer. But it is very important to know about roofers. Choosing bad roof means chance to take risk with your roof and I am sure you don’t want to take any kind of risk with your roof. Here are some of the tips which will guide you choosing a good roofer and things you must check in a roofer.

  • Insurance is most important

Before choosing your roofing contractor you must check whether he has liability insurance or not. Along with that also make sure that you roofing contractor has workers compensation. If they say yes don’t just believe them blindly, check the certificates yourself or else call the insurance carrier to make sure that they are valid. This gives you relief that the roofing service which is provided to you by your roofing contractor is secured with the security of coverage.

  • Choose local roofing contractor

Try to choose ca roofing company which is local. It doesn’t mean that the contractor should be local it means that they should have an established branch and reputation in the local area. This shows that the roofing contractor is trustworthy and can be given your roof in their hands. There are many customers who face the warranty issues. There are many cases where the company gave warranty but then it shut down and disappeared and when the issue arise there is just a piece of paper of warranty and no real company to deal with your issues. Thus have a roofing company which is reputed and is established since a long period of time.

  • Don’t rely only on price

Don’t choose a company on the basis of the price they offer. Cheap roofing contractor are not always beneficial. Cheap prices can get you into big expenses also. Make your focus on the quality and work and not on the price. You will get to know the actual result of cheap and expensive roofing contractor in the long run. You will get what you have paid in your past. People who make their focus on price pay a lot repairing and fixing up the roof in the future years. If you go for good roofer then those expenses will also be covered in the insurance.

  • Avoid storm chasers

Those roofers which approach you by themselves coming to your home and convincing you that they are good roofers and try to sell themselves are the one in you can get trapped easily but are not good as they tell you. Thus always choose a roofing contractor through any reference or have roofing contractor which has a satisfied client on the other end to assure you. If you are approached by this kind of storm chasing roofing contractor make sure you don’t get attracted towards their false things, take your time, analyze them, take reviews from other people and then go for them if you are satisfied.

Tips to Protect your family and Home From natural Disasters


Saving home from natural disasterThe level of natural disasters has increased. Every year there has some or other disaster which has happened. Hurricanes, flood, fires and tornadoes are taking place very commonly. There are several families which lost everything in these disasters and this happens when their home is affected and they could not save anything and their lives are uprooted. Here are some of the tips which can prove to be helpful in protecting your family and your home from natural disasters.

  • Preparing home for fires

Those areas which have drier climates are more likely to catch spring and summer fires. But still you have got some of the ways to protect your house from these fires. It might need labor and little bit of budget. If you have shrubs and plants around your house then shift them to other place during fire catching seasons. Plants and greenery catch fire easily and then it rapidly transform into structure fire. For protecting your home fire you must buy flame retardant shingles. You can buy fire smart shingles from any roofer or any home improvement store in your area. This can help keeping your home and structure safe depending upon the grade you select moderate or severe. If your home has lot of dust and dead brush around it then make sure to clean it up before fire season starts. If you have any alert of fire nearby but don’t have to evacuate the house then start up the garden pumps which will wet the sides of the house. You can afford to pay high water bill but can’t afford to lose the house out of fire.

  • Get alert of floods

If you are residing in an area which is prone to flood and you don’t have the insurance cover then also there are several things you can do to protect your home. If you get information that flood is going to come, you can shift your valuables, furniture and all the essentials on the upper floor of your house. Make sure that you take care of your important documents and put them in a waterproof bag or something. If you are evacuating the house take those documents with you. If you are moving into a new home or building a new home then make sure to check the position of the utility meters and fuse box. In flood areas, if these things are covered with water, then the damage and repair cost can be very high.

  • Get ready for hurricane season

There are many areas which are hit by the hurricane and tornado and the end circumstances are devastating. You have to install hurricane straps on your roofs for protecting your roof. You can also put up storm shutters for protecting glass of window from getting damaged and also not allowing the debris from entering into your home. Allowing debris to enter the home can cause severe damage and potential injuries. It’s safe side to call a professional roofer and get his advice on how to protect your house from getting damaged through hurricane.





Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofingIf you are dealing with the issue of wet or musty basement and you are in search of its cure then you would definitely be curious about the advertisement of those products which says about waterproofing the basement walls. You might be wondering whether these advertisements are really effective or not. You might be amused to know that it is possible to dry your basement just by sealing the walls. But for that you need to know whether the moisture is coming from outside or it’s your home which is humid and it affecting your walls. For waterproofing your basement you have two options, you can either waterproof your interior walls or you can waterproof your exterior walls. Interior waterproofing might solve your problem however exterior waterproofing is better but it is quite expensive. So before going for it you must try out interior waterproofing on primary phase. Here are types of interior waterproofing.

  • Concrete waterproofing coatings

These are a thick coating which similar to cement. Once they get dry they permanently adhere to the masonry walls and concrete. These coating should be applied with a heavy brush by you which should be made up with Tampico bristles which is a natural fiber. If you want to give an attractive and finished look to your wall, you must swirl the brush at the end stage of the application of coating. If there is any previously painted surface in your basement then concrete waterproofing coating cannot be applied to it. For covering 100 sq feet of area you need a 5-gallon bucket which costs around $30 to $40.

  • Silicate based concrete sealers

It is also known as densifiers. It is suited to those walls which have been already sealed or painted. The sealer gets itself soaked in and it reacts chemically with the ingredient in the brick or concrete and results in the formation of hard waterproof surface. These sealers are penetrating sealers and they cannot peel or flake off and thus you can even paint them over. One of another benefit is that the application of silicate concrete sealer is pretty much easy. You can do it yourself. You can apply it by a roller or sprayer or a brush. For covering 200 sq feet of area you need to have A-1 gallon which costs you around 40$ to 50$. You need to do at least two coats of it.

  • Plastic sheets and panels

These are suitable for the wall waterproofing when it is combined with the drainage system of interior basement. These are not stopping the water from getting through the wall but they stop the water from destroying things in the basement. The water which gets through the wall runs to the drainage system through the back of the plastic in the floor. That water is moved out of the basement with the help of a sump pump.  This whole plastic sheet and panel system can cost you around $3000 to $5000 for a basement room of 20 by 20 foot.


Ways of Organizing Lot of Clothing in A Small Closet Space

Closet organisationUsually people face a problem in organizing things in closets. All the people face the same problem, they have too many clothes and the place to keep those things is less. The space always gets on reducing and our stuff always gets on increasing and then our closet is total mess. In this situation what you need to do is organizing. Each and every person and especially teenager have problem of keeping the clothes and other stuff in the closet with minimum space. Here are some of the tips which might help you in adjusting the clothing and various different things in your closet. Women would be taking the utmost benefit of these tips while men would follow one or two but that will also be helpful to them if applied.

General Tips

Make use of all available space in the closet, but don’t forget to keep it in an organized manner.

Those clothes which are of other season should be kept out and not in the closet. It will give you added space in the closet. For example if it’s summer, you can take out your winter clothes, sweater and all out of your closet.

Keep your clothes in a way that you can see it properly as you are more likely to wear those clothes which you can see.

You should always keep 1 or 2 hooks empty so that when you need quick clean up, you can hang your dirty clothes on it make your room and closet look good.

Make optimum use of backs space of the back space of the deep shelves in the closet and along with that also focus on the high up places in the closet. Keep those things in that space which are not in your regular use.

Fold your clothes properly so that hanger bumps are prevented. This includes most of your t-shirts, sweaters and some of your blouses.

Keep your clothes vertically instead of keeping it horizontally. It will save you some space.

If you are having open shelving then try not to stack so high because it can cause tumbling of clothes.

Keep your hangers of matching color it will help looking your closet look nice.

You can keep your boots in your small cheap bookshelves. It will keep your boots organized at a cheap rate.

There are certain people who like to keep original shoe boxes but it hinders lot of space in the closet so avoid doing so.

Don’t stuff your bags with tissue to keep their shape; it will take lot of space.

Don’t hang your bags as it will stretch out your handles and make to break it soon.

Those bags which are used less must be kept in an box which will keep bags protected also and give you more space in your closet for stuff which you use regularly.

Hang your scarves on your towel rack instead of placing it in the closet. It will take less space and it will also look good and organized.





Having a Sump Pump

Sump pumpMost of the houses have a problem of wetness under the ground level. This under level wetness leads to crawlspace flooding and making the condition of the basement vulnerable. If your home has a room or space which is under the ground level, then you would definitely be aware of the fact how much flood can damage that room. But there is solution to this problem and that is installing a sump pump.

What are sump pumps?

Sump pump are nothing but just a simple small device which can be installed in your crawlspace and basement so that water is removed effectively and your underground space remains dry. These sump pumps are placed in a place which is known as sump pits. These sump pits are the holes which are designed to grab the water and other liquids. Sump pump takes the water out from the sump pits and it redirects the water out of your homes. There are many devices of this type. Some of these devices are powered by the electricity, while the others are powered by the water. There are several sump pumps which have the back up of battery in case when there are electrical outages. The quantity of the sump pump in your home depends upon the size of your home. Big house needs more number of sump pumps while small one needs less number of sump pumps. It also depends upon the area you live in if it is more prone to floods you definitely need it.

Damage of flood water

Now you are aware of what is sup pump you must be aware you should have it in your home and if you not have one what difficulties your home would have to face. Here are some of the important reasons why you should install sump pump in your home.

  • Sump pumps assure you that your room or space which is under the ground level will be dry and warm and you will not see any humidity and dampness in the room.
  • If there is humidity and dampness, it can cause the mildew and mold in the room and it is not so good. Having a siphon pump is the best option for getting rid of this problem.
  • Moisture attracts termite and such other insects. So water away from your house by using sump pump will also save your house from getting deteriorated by such insects and pests.
  • It’s not an unknown fact that water and electricity are dangerous together. Thus in case of flooded area there is a possibility of electric fire. You can remove such risk by having an sump siphoning device.
  • You have many things and valuables stored in your underground room so keeping water from that area also save your stuff from getting damaged. This stuff can be carpet, furniture, dryers and such other things.
  • Installing a sump pump is also a good way to increase the value of your home. It’s a good addition to the price of your home.


Types of Roofing Shingles

Roofing ShinglesShingles is such a good option for your home. But as you are not a professional expert, you might not be aware of all the things about roofing and shingles. It’s very important that you don’t take any wrong decision for your roof as it can cost you a lot. There are various types of shingles and you might be confused as to what type of shingles you should opt for. Of course you will take advice of your roofer but it’s important that you should not follow them blindly and have some knowledge of your own. Thus here are some of the types of roofing shingles from which you can choose one. Compare them wisely, know their pros and cons, see if they fulfills your requirement or not. You should choose roofing shingles according to your surroundings, your budget and durability.

  • Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are most probably used by the people as they are not much expensive. If you buy coated asphalt shingles then they will fulfill the demand of cool roof and they are good at earning you a rebate. As compared to the laminated or architectural asphalt shingles, three tab asphalt shingles are less expensive and they are thinner. Asphalt shingles are less expensive but still they a offer a good life span of 20 to 30 years.

  • Wood shingles

Wood shingles are comparatively more expensive then asphalt shingles. Wood shingles provide a really appealing look. They look aesthetically beautiful because it gives a natural look. If you are going for a cedar or hardwood then types of hardwood material then it will last for minimum 30 years and it can last for 50 years of long time span. Wood shingles do offer great life span but on the other hand it requires regular maintenance also.

  • Metal roofs

Metal roofs are very much suitable to the homes which are having steep or flat rooflines. In case of metal roofing you can either go for constructed metal shingles or you can go for solid metal. If you are opting for low end galvanized metal roofs then they are relatively less expensive. It offers a life of 50 years.  Metal roofs are becoming very popular these days and it is prevailing in many areas of the country. It is widely seen in rocky mountain region and northwest areas.

  • Slate shingles

This type shingles is very much prevalent in the northeast part of the US. This is because the slate from which this shingles are prepares is quarried here. Slate shingles are very much durable and it offers a life span of almost 5o years. You can easily find out any old farmhouse which are not having any leaks and they are having slate shingle on their roofs. If you are tight on budget and slate shingle are not fitting in your budget then instead of opting for original slate shingles, you can also go for synthetic slate shingles. The look of synthetic shingles is very much similar to the original slate shingles, but its life span is little bit short.