Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofingIf you are dealing with the issue of wet or musty basement and you are in search of its cure then you would definitely be curious about the advertisement of those products which says about waterproofing the basement walls. You might be wondering whether these advertisements are really effective or not. You might be amused to know that it is possible to dry your basement just by sealing the walls. But for that you need to know whether the moisture is coming from outside or it’s your home which is humid and it affecting your walls. For waterproofing your basement you have two options, you can either waterproof your interior walls or you can waterproof your exterior walls. Interior waterproofing might solve your problem however exterior waterproofing is better but it is quite expensive. So before going for it you must try out interior waterproofing on primary phase. Here are types of interior waterproofing.

  • Concrete waterproofing coatings

These are a thick coating which similar to cement. Once they get dry they permanently adhere to the masonry walls and concrete. These coating should be applied with a heavy brush by you which should be made up with Tampico bristles which is a natural fiber. If you want to give an attractive and finished look to your wall, you must swirl the brush at the end stage of the application of coating. If there is any previously painted surface in your basement then concrete waterproofing coating cannot be applied to it. For covering 100 sq feet of area you need a 5-gallon bucket which costs around $30 to $40.

  • Silicate based concrete sealers

It is also known as densifiers. It is suited to those walls which have been already sealed or painted. The sealer gets itself soaked in and it reacts chemically with the ingredient in the brick or concrete and results in the formation of hard waterproof surface. These sealers are penetrating sealers and they cannot peel or flake off and thus you can even paint them over. One of another benefit is that the application of silicate concrete sealer is pretty much easy. You can do it yourself. You can apply it by a roller or sprayer or a brush. For covering 200 sq feet of area you need to have A-1 gallon which costs you around 40$ to 50$. You need to do at least two coats of it.

  • Plastic sheets and panels

These are suitable for the wall waterproofing when it is combined with the drainage system of interior basement. These are not stopping the water from getting through the wall but they stop the water from destroying things in the basement. The water which gets through the wall runs to the drainage system through the back of the plastic in the floor. That water is moved out of the basement with the help of a sump pump.  This whole plastic sheet and panel system can cost you around $3000 to $5000 for a basement room of 20 by 20 foot.