Types of Rugs

In today’s time having a good home is not just enough; along with a good home you also need to decorate your home. There are certain fashions according to which the home should be decorated. Some fashions come and go but some remain stagnant. One of such fashion is rugs. Rugs always make your home beautiful. It enhances the appeal of your house. There are many types of rugs, but should select the one which goes with the interior of the home and color of the home otherwise it won’t look that good. Here are some of the types of rugs. The quality of rugs is different based upon the materials involved and the process of manufacturing. There are many contemporary rugs which are in trend now. There are nylon rugs, rayon rugs, acetate rugs, wool rugs and cotton rugs. Choose the material you find more enchanting. Hera is some of the types of rugs.

  • Tufted rugs

Tufted rugsTufted rugs are very easy to produce and they can be produced in bulk. It is the type of rug which is most probably sold and produced in the market. Tufted material for rugs is usually man made. It is injected into a backing material. After that it is bonded to another type of material which is generally hessian. It is added for more strength.

  • Needle felted rugs

Needle felted rugsThese needle felted carpet are very famous for its durability. They are very much long lasting and durable. They have compact fibers which are attached together with the electrostatic means. These types of rugs are very unique and new in the market. As these offers high level of durability, it is very costly. These types of rugs are generally used in the high traffic areas instead of using them at home.

  • Knotted rugs

Knotted rugsThis knotted pile rugs can be either man made or they can also be made by machines. This totally depends upon their origins. The thread which is used for making the carpet is pulled by the backing material. Knotted are available in many kinds of sizes and colors.

  • Woven rugs

Woven rugsWoven rugs are such rugs which are made on a loom and as they are made on a loom they are able to be stocked with various colored yarns. Loom is considered as the oldest technique of making rugs and it is still continued to make its place in the most attractive kind of rugs. The rugs which are hand loomed are considered to be very classy and along with that it is also expensive.

  • Embroidered rugs

Embroidered rugsEmbroidery is a very old and ancient type of craft. These types of rugs are stitched on the cotton or linen material which is held taught by a frame.  These types of rugs are considered to be royal as queen Mary of Scots was a famous embroiderer. They are produced in huge bulks and it is stitched with a steel needle. It is purely a section of good craftsmen.