Common Basement Care Tips

Basement careWhether you have a good finished basement or you have one which you rarely visit, it is such a place of your house which must be taken proper care of. Basement is a place which is underground and thus water goes into the basement. When water gets collected into basement, it leads to mold and mildew and it is not good for the health of the house and you. It can be harmful. Your walls, floors and roofs get badly damaged. Here are some of the common tips through which you can take care of your basement.

  • Downspouts

If your roof possesses downspout and it also has gutters then you must make sure that they are in the proper positions and also check that your downspouts are properly connected. Don’t forget to check that your downspout’s bottom is turned from your foundation.    Also check out that the water is diverted 5 feet away from the foundation. The reason behind this is that the water does not get collected against the wall.

  • Grading

You must make sure that the grading of your ground which is around your foundation should slope away from the house. The grade should fall at a minimum distance of 6 inches over the 10 feet of your house.

  • Dampness and mold

Check out properly your basement and see whether there is any sign of the mold or dampness in the basement. If you find any signs you must take immediate action against these signs. The longer you wait bigger will the problem and higher will be the expenses. Thus try to find the problems at an early stage only and get rid of them as fast as possible. If you don’t check regularly then the issue will increase and you will get into large expenses. Molds are easily visible on the walls, floors and storage boxes as the dark spots.

  • Window wells

If your windows are not up to the mark then you should make sure to have wells outside your windows for protection. These wells are used to give drainage at the bottoms of the window. If the window wells of your basement are clogged with debris then it can allow the water to fall inside the house and it can increase the chances of insects, pests and dampness to rehabilitate in your house. So make sure you keep these area clean and debris free. Also make sure that wells are sealed up tightly against the foundation.

  • Sump pump

If you are having a basement with sump pump, then make sure that it is functioning in a proper manner. Also make sure that it is discharging the water properly. Clean up the sump pipe strainers screen. If your sump pump is discharging the water then take care that the water is not discharged around your walls. Make sure it is away from your walls. Change the sump pump after a period of 5 years as there is a possibility that it won’t work properly after a periods of 5 years.