How to Paint a Bathroom Vanity

How to Paint a Bathroom VanityWell, in accordance with the perception of me, painting is the necessary to be carried on for our home improvement. We consider bathroom as the smallest and the place where we can carry the work of painting at the end, but no, bathrooms are also given the similar importance as the other regions in the house. Making and maintaining your bathroom up to date and mark is very essential for every home owner. In today’s time, the bathrooms are made up and installed of oak; nothing is wrong in it but after some time it gets dull and its sparkling effects gets dull. This can create a bad impact on the persons visiting your bathroom.

By painting your bathroom vanity, will return you the charm and will increase the durability of the vanity which is installed in your bathroom. The job of painting your vanity by your own is very simple and easy. You can perform the process of painting it by your own too. This article will help you to determine the process, as well as how you can comply with the work of painting your bathroom vanity by your own.

How to paint your bathroom vanity

  • If we see the common scenario of all the bathrooms they are small than the other rooms in the house. It is advisable to remove all the drawers and doors or the hardware portion which is present in the bathroom and installed in it must be removed before painting your bathroom vanity. Removing all this stuffs, than it must be cleared and restored properly so that it can be placed again on the place from where it is taken out. You can also color the things again; this will increase the show as well as will increase the durability of the product which is going to be placed in the bathroom vanity again once the vanity gets painted.
  • The second thing which the home owners must comply with is to remove the unwanted paint which is peeling off from the walls of the bathroom with the help of the scraper or the sand dust paper. By doing this all the unwanted paint will be taken off from the walls and the new paint which is going to be installed or applied on the walls of the bathroom. After peeling all unwanted things from the walls of the bathroom and use the vacuum cleaner for taking off all the things which have been taken off by the home owners. This will increase the efficiency of the home owners to increase work for the proper and maintained thing for the bathroom vanity.
  • It is mandate to apply primer on the surface of the bathroom walls where the paint is going to be applied. But before applying the primer on the surface of the walls, it is advisable to flat on the surface of the wall so that all the paint which is going to be applied on the wall will get evenly placed and applied on the wall.
  • After applying the primer on the surface of the wall, apply the color and left it over to get it dry, this will take some time to dry up but your bathroom vanity will be ready with all the paint and can be taken for more durable time.