Types of Fencing

Type of fence is not the key factor while buying a home but it is definitely important from the security point of view. Along with security, fencing is also important for privacy. Privacy and security are really important parts for a home. A professionally done fencing give a good feeling of security and every person desire a home with such secured fencing. Before you decide to choose any fencing for your home, you must evaluate the types of fencing and choose the one which is most suitable.

  • Aluminum fencing

Aluminum fenceAluminum fencing is considered to be the one of the most basic type of fencing. Being basic also it is very attractive. Aluminum fencing does not provide much of the security to your home which much of the homeowners want to have in their house. There is no trouble of maintenance in case of aluminum fencing. The only maintenance you need to do is at the time of installation when you are painting and decorating it. However it is not much advisable specifically if you are living in an area with severe weather conditions then aluminum fencing is not at all recommended.

  • Wood fencing

Wood fenceOne of the most popular types of fencing is wood. It is one of the most attractive kinds of fencing in today’s time. It gives a sense of privacy with the long heighted fencing. Wood fencing gives the homeowner a warm and welcoming feeling. But as it is so good and reliable it also has such big cost. The height and size of the fencing will affect its price. More the height of the fencing more will be the price of it. Longer and higher fencing will take more time for installation. The durability of the wood fencing is very good it will last for the whole life of your home. But it also depends upon the type of wood you choose.

  • PVC fencing

PVC fenceIf your budget is not allowing you an expensive fencing then you must prefer a fence for your yard which is made up of PVC. PVC fencing is a good replacement for wood fencing although it doesn’t give that much good look but still it is will fulfill your need. The down part will be of wood and the upper part will be of PVC this will cut down some of the wood as well the cost. PVC fencing comes in different heights and colors so that you can the desired one.

  • Vinyl fencing

Vinyl fenceKeeping the cost factor aside, vinyl fencing is one of the best types of fencing. According to the professionals and experts, vinyl fencing is four to five times stronger than other types of fencing. Along with being strong it is also flexible. Vinyl fencing also has another and that is it is maintenance free. It can also resist paint and thus you can remove the unwanted stains from your fencing by painting them. It can keep it clean and new. You can also do regular cleaning with the hose and soap to keep your fencing away from dirt clotting.

Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl sidingVinyl siding is by far the most popular type of siding in today’s time. Majority of the people are preferring vinyl siding and if it goes like this only the trend will be set for vinyl siding only in the future years for house exteriors. Today’s vinyl siding has a vast difference from the one when it was innovated in the year of 1950. Vinyl siding has undergone many changes and modifications and improvements. Manufacturing technology has undergone vast changes through its improved research and made vinyl siding in a position where it is now. And after these changes only vinyl siding has become very popular and most people are opting for it. Here are some of the benefits of having vinyl siding in your house.

  • Diversity in beauty

Vinyl siding offers you varied range of color, styles, textures, architectural trim and various other accessories. Vinyl siding is such a siding type which can mimic different siding type such as slate, stone and wood. There is wide range of colors; approximately there is more than 350 colors which vinyl siding offers. With such different options you never have to compromise with the beauty aspect of your home. It is very heart throbbing that it is also preferred in case when there is renovation of old historic place.

  • Durability

Vinyl siding offers an excellent durability. It is highly relevant against high winds and it also has great resistancy against high winds, heat, moisture and cold. Its looks and features stay intact for the number of years. Thus its beauty as it is. It has a capacity to withstand wind velocities of more than 200 mph. They can survive well against any super storm sandy weather conditions.

  • Sustainability

Vinyl siding is very sustainable. Vinyl siding is wholly and solely a green option. It is very different and advanced as compared to other type of siding options. It is good for environment. Economically also it is affordable. Vinyl siding has a ability to decrease the thermal bridging. Thus it is very energy efficient.

  • Installation

The process of installing vinyl siding is easy as it is not much heavy in fact it is light weighted. It is one of the easiest exterior cladding for the purpose of installation. You are availed with the option of installing over the existing material also. Though it is easy but still it should be installed properly with appropriate guidelines.

  • Maintainability

Vinyl siding need not be maintained regularly. It doesn’t even need to paint. What it need is just regular cleaning with mild soap and water. It doesn’t even catch the issues like rotting, insect damage or cracking.



Types of Flooring

Flooring is such a wide subject. You really get confused when you go for selecting flooring for your own house. There are various types of flooring for which you can go for your home but you must consider some of the important factors like costing, look, aesthetic appeal and the weather of your surroundings. Flooring of your house can be neglected. It is the thing which should be taken extreme care of as it affects the valuation of your home when you put your home for resale. Flooring highly affects the value and looks of your house. Thus choose it wisely. Here are some of the types of flooring from which you can choose one.

  • Laminate flooring

Laminate flooringLaminate flooring is considered as the cheap version of wood flooring. Laminate flooring is really a workhorse. Laminate flooring is really a durable material and lasts for a long period of time. It will be only rare circumstances when laminate flooring fades otherwise it is really perfect. The installation process is also pretty much easy and it is also resistant to stains. But laminate flooring is not much worth when your home is seen from the perspective of buyer. If your flooring is discolored then it is not at all possible to refinish or rehabilitate the material. Another drawback is that it is prone to damage by standing water.

  • Hardwood flooring

Hardwood fooringHaving hardwood flooring is a great plus point when you put your home for sale. It could a beneficial selling point for your house and useful for enhancing the price of your estate. Hardwood flooring gives an appealing and eye pleasing look to your house. It has a real advantage, if becomes old and faded you are availed with option of refinishing it. But hardwood becomes a real problem as it subject to moisture. Hardwood flooring is not much usual especially when it comes to dents and dings. Undoubtedly hardwood floor is marvelous but on the other hand it is very much expensive also.

  • Stone flooring

Stone flooringIf you want your floor to last for ages then opting for the strong thick stone is the best option. It can last for ages as stone is indestructible. You can get a real classic look with the stone flooring. Stone flooring is also a good addition to the resale value of your home. Stone flooring also offers the benefit of water and moisture resistancy. But stone flooring also has drawback it is also expensive. It also remains cold during winters and it becomes very slippery when it is wet. The installation process of stone flooring is also difficult.

  • Tile flooring

Tile flooringIf you have certain high traffic area in your house then installing tile flooring is the best option for tackling high traffic areas. One of the greatest advantages of tile flooring is that it can be replaced easily. Tile flooring is also highly durable. Tile flooring is also very suitable for wet places. But there is one drawback; tiles can be easily cracked when heavy weight is placed on the tiles.

Types of Siding

Siding is a great alternative to add some of the colors and an elegant look to your house. You are offered with lot of options which can help you create a great façade. But you need to be careful before selecting it. You must pay proper attention towards the aesthetics of the siding like durability, water resistant ability, installation process and versatility. Siding also acts as a protection for your house if taken a look from the functional point of view. There are various siding options from which you can choose the best suited one. Here are some of them.

  • Vinyl siding

Vinyl sidingVinyl siding is a great choice as it is versatile, and low on budget and it is also very easy to maintain. It has become very popular choice among the people. Vinyl siding also gives a plastic look and many homeowners are attracted by this plastic look of these vinyl siding. Variety available in colors and styles are the major reasons of it being so attractive and people’s favorite. The installation is easy and you can go for doing it yourself job. It requires only few tools which are easily available at any of the home improvement store. Mistakes can prove to be very costly so make sure to take advice of the manufacturer and also go to the online videos for the installation process.

  • Wood siding

Wood sidingWoods siding is most probably preferred for cottage exteriors, bungalow and Cape Cod. Wood siding also gives very rich and elegant look. If you keep your focus on the durability factor then definitely wood siding has a good durability but if it is maintained properly. If you are drawn towards its beautiful look then get ready for the timely maintenance also. Wood siding is prone to rodent attacks and insects. Maintenance decides the time period of your wood siding. It can last from 10 years to 100 years in rare case. Wood siding is available in clapboard, shakes as well as shingles.

  • Brick siding

Brick sidingGenuine bricks are available in various sizes and forms and it is made from fired clay. You can find bricks commonly in Tudor and English cottage exteriors and colonial houses. Brick siding provides gorgeous look and it has been stood still for hundreds of years.  In today’s time brick siding is a veneer construction which is constructed outside of wood frame structure of a home along with the mortar which is used to hold the bricks together. The installation of brick siding needs labor and thus the installation cost is high as compared to other types of siding.

  • Fiber-cement siding

Fiber cement sidingFiber-cement siding gives a look of masonry, wood or stucco siding, with the costing remaining really low. It is preferred by many homeowners. The maintenance of fiber-cement siding sets really low and it is also termite resistant along with non flammable quality. Factory painting or factory finishes are really recommended in case of fiber siding. Fiber-cement siding also has a drawback as it is prone to moisture related issues.