Painting Your Own House

PaintingOwning a house and taking good care f it and maintaining it in a proper manner is not an easy job. It is touch and expensive job. If you are a smart home owner then you should make your own ways to cut down on your expenses and economize your expenses. In many of the cases home owners do not prefer do it yourself job as they have proper knowledge and expertise to deal with every project of home issues. It can be considered dangerous. But when comes to painting, it is not really a dangerous project. Painting is such a work which any home owner can undertake without much of the trouble. But till before starting up with the painting work yourself, you must consider its pros and cons.

  • Time

Painting is such a work which is time consuming. You need to invest a good amount of time doing this painting work that too when you need to do full house painting. If you hire a professional painting team than the job can be done much faster and better as compared with the do it yourself job. In general painting a house needs 40 to 80 hours. It can take even more time if the size of the house you are going to paint is large. If there is a professional painter then he works for eight hours in a day for the whole week. While if you are doing it yourself then you are busy in these hours and you cannot work this much during week. You can work in the weekends and after the work in night. If not in this time you need to work during your vacation and finish your home painting. So before jumping into it you must have your mindset of sacrificing your free time for saving up your money.

  • Quality

You might be good at painting but still it is difficult to match up with the quality of the professional. No matter how good you are but still there will be a difference in the end result of your painted house. The result will always be less than your desired one. Painting will not hide the flaws of your house it will highlight those flaws.

  • Time and labor intensive

Painting your house is more than what you think and expect. It involves many steps.

  • Scrapping the old paint off
  • Repairing those areas which are damaged
  • Apply primer coat
  • Applying coat of paint twice

Paint is applied to many of the parts of the house like ceiling, windows, doors, walls and trim. Painting the whole house is a physically challenging task. It involves moving the furniture, climbing the ladder up and down, cleaning rollers and brushes, holding the paint brush for hours and much such other tiring work. If you do this work after completing your daily work then doing it can be more tiring and tough. The final result is that you didn’t have that energy which gives you the enchanting result.