Tips to Protect your family and Home From natural Disasters


Saving home from natural disasterThe level of natural disasters has increased. Every year there has some or other disaster which has happened. Hurricanes, flood, fires and tornadoes are taking place very commonly. There are several families which lost everything in these disasters and this happens when their home is affected and they could not save anything and their lives are uprooted. Here are some of the tips which can prove to be helpful in protecting your family and your home from natural disasters.

  • Preparing home for fires

Those areas which have drier climates are more likely to catch spring and summer fires. But still you have got some of the ways to protect your house from these fires. It might need labor and little bit of budget. If you have shrubs and plants around your house then shift them to other place during fire catching seasons. Plants and greenery catch fire easily and then it rapidly transform into structure fire. For protecting your home fire you must buy flame retardant shingles. You can buy fire smart shingles from any roofer or any home improvement store in your area. This can help keeping your home and structure safe depending upon the grade you select moderate or severe. If your home has lot of dust and dead brush around it then make sure to clean it up before fire season starts. If you have any alert of fire nearby but don’t have to evacuate the house then start up the garden pumps which will wet the sides of the house. You can afford to pay high water bill but can’t afford to lose the house out of fire.

  • Get alert of floods

If you are residing in an area which is prone to flood and you don’t have the insurance cover then also there are several things you can do to protect your home. If you get information that flood is going to come, you can shift your valuables, furniture and all the essentials on the upper floor of your house. Make sure that you take care of your important documents and put them in a waterproof bag or something. If you are evacuating the house take those documents with you. If you are moving into a new home or building a new home then make sure to check the position of the utility meters and fuse box. In flood areas, if these things are covered with water, then the damage and repair cost can be very high.

  • Get ready for hurricane season

There are many areas which are hit by the hurricane and tornado and the end circumstances are devastating. You have to install hurricane straps on your roofs for protecting your roof. You can also put up storm shutters for protecting glass of window from getting damaged and also not allowing the debris from entering into your home. Allowing debris to enter the home can cause severe damage and potential injuries. It’s safe side to call a professional roofer and get his advice on how to protect your house from getting damaged through hurricane.