Types of Plumbing Pipes that can be Installed in your Home

types of plumbing pipesKnowing where the defect in your house is very important step which the home owners must comply at the time of home renovating of maintaining the home things. Plumbing is the most essential thing in house maintenance because with the help of the plumbing system all the unwanted water can be exhausted from the home and the drainage system works in a coordination which can help the home owners of not facing any problems regarding the plumbing system in your house.

There are different methods and types of plumbing pipes which can be installed in your house for the matter of plumbing. And it is advisable to keep an eye and the home owners must know which type of plumbing pipes are installed in their home for the matter of drainage system. Further discussion of this article is about the types of plumbing pipes which can be installed in your home.

Types of plumbing pipes

  • Galvanized Steel Pipes

This type of plumbing pipes is considered to be the oldest and the ancient type of pipes in all the types of plumbing pipes. Well you will observe galvanized steel pipes installed in the old construction which are constructed and have the age of more than 30 years. These plumbing pipes are considered to be more of heavier in weight as compared to other pipes. They are thicker and heavy in weight. Well as compared to other types of pipes, it is advisable not to install galvanizes steel plumbing pipes in your home because they are not so sustainable in nature as compared to other types of pipes. In the galvanized steel pipes, coatings are applied on the pipes which are of zinc and there is possibility of this zinc to break down the plumbing system.


  • Copper Pipes

The most common type of plumbing pipes is they copper pipes which are available in the market and you can easily find it in almost all of the houses. It is bit different than the galvanized steel pipes. Copper pipes are smaller and thinner as compared to the other plumbing pipes. It has its shinny look but as the time passes all its copper shiny color gets converted into reddish or the brownish color due the cause of corrosion.

Home owners like to install such plumbing pipes because it takes less space in the drainage arena and helps the home owners to install it with less of space. Installing the copper pipes in the home is a bit costly as compared to the other plumbing pipes in the market. But it is good and enough sustainable to be installed in your home.


  • PVC pipes

Pvc pipes are considered to be the most efficient and the used plumbing pipes which helps the home owners to not to look back if once it is installed in their drainage system. They are light in weight which is very easy and simple to be installed in their home. It is long term in nature and can be sustained for a long period of time. it is advisable to install it in your home.